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The Griffith University Clothing Library was founded in 2022 as a sustainable and affordable solution to fast fashion. 

Located on Nathan campus in the Co-Design Lab, the Clothing Library lends out formal wear donated by generous community members.


Conceptualised by Sophie and Louise - two students passionate about the environment and corporate social responsibility - the Clothing Library was designed with the philosophy in mind:

"If you need something, we can help."


The Clothing Library recognises consumers of fast fashion are often enticed by the cheap prices.

By allowing students of Griffith University to hire clothing for free, the Clothing Library aspires to combat the environmental and social consequences of fast fashion while promoting student equity.


The stylish formal wear available is appropriate for a multitude of occasions - from job interviews to graduation.

After utilising the clothing, students can easily return their borrowed items back to the Clothing Library. 


Consumerism and fast fashion are increasing in popularity nowadays.


Fast fashion is mass produced from low-quality, unsustainable materials and often under unethical working conditions.

Interested in helping?

The Griffith University Clothing Library is run for students by students.

Are you also passionate about sustainable, ethically made clothing? Consider volunteering some of your on-campus time to help run the Clothing Library!

Fill out this form to express your interest in volunteering. 🧡

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